Hair Products for Men: Finding The Right Shampoo


Most hair products actually damage your hair. They make them plushy, greasier or, if you have long hair, even split the ends. To save you some time searching for quality hair products that reduce the risk of damage, we made a list of the best hair products for men that will help you achieve the perfect hairstyle, while maintaining healthy hair. We've added some affiliated links from Amazon to help you compare the options.

What Is This List About?

This list is about providing a selection of quality-ensuring products for men's hair care. The selection consists of well-rated products that are said to help out better than the basic store-bought hair products. These products could give you a more polished look, healthier appearance and thus the confidence you deserve.

American Crew

1. American Crew Forming Cream

American Crew Forming Cream is a popular choice among men. It provides a medium hold and natural shine, making it perfect for achieving a wide range of styles. Achieve a sleek, defined look with this moisture-rich cream gel, which provides a medium hold and medium shine finish. Ideal for men who want a frizz-free, natural look with textured definition, this product works like gel but offers the added benefits of moisturizing and conditioning the hair. The cream is easy to apply and can be used on damp or dry hair.


2. Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California Clay Pomade is a clay-based styling product that provides a strong hold with a matte finish. It's a good selection for men who want to achieve a textured, messy look. The pomade is easy to apply and contains natural ingredients such as beeswax and clay. Ideal for all hair types and free from silicone, this unscented pomade is made with natural ingredients including fennel oil, beeswax, and kaolin and bentonite clay. With a 2 fl oz unit count and 60.96 milliliters of liquid volume, this clay pomade provides a versatile styling option for any hair type. Enjoy a natural, no-fuss look with this choice.


3. Redken Brews Daily Shampoo + Conditioner

Redken Brews offers a shampoo and conditioner set that is perfect for dry hair and all hair types. The gentle formula cleanses without stripping the hair, while the lightweight texture helps keep hair manageable. The set includes two 20 fl oz bottles and contains malt extract as the main ingredient. It is recommended for softening and suitable for adult use.


4. Kiehl's Grooming Solutions Texturizing Clay

This cream may be used to shape, texturize, and define men's hair style. It leaves a matte finish with a medium, long-lasting hold and applies and rinses easily. Formulated with Moroccan Lava Clay and suitable for all hair types, it has a woody scent and comes in a 50 milliliter cream form. The clay contains natural ingredients such as beeswax and clay. A great choice for the nature-conscious man who likes to keep it clean with less artificial ingredients.


5. Aveda Men Pure-Formance Pomade

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Pomade is a high-performing styling product that provides a strong hold with a natural finish. It is perfect for men who want to achieve a sleek, polished look. The pomade contains natural ingredients such as beeswax and jojoba oil. These ingredients generally stimulate hair regrowth and keeps your hair from becoming dry.


6. Brickell Styling Clay Pomade

This clay pomade by Brickell Men's Products is the perfect hair styling solution for men who want a high hold with a matte finish. Suitable for all hair types and ages, this pomade uses bentonite clay to provide a strong and pliable hold, while argan oil and hydrolyzed quinoa nourish your hair down to the roots. Made with natural and certified organic ingredients, including green tea extract, this pomade is free from parabens and is said to provides nourishing benefits for normal hair. With a refreshing mint scent, this 2-ounce clay pomade is easy to apply and provides a long-lasting hold.


7. Living Proof Full Shampoo

Living Proof Full Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo that is perfect for men with flat, lifeless hair. The shampoo contains a patented molecule that helps to thicken hair and improve its overall health. It is said to also be safe for color-treated hair.


9. OUAI Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Get ready to say goodbye to flakes and hello to a healthier scalp with this anti-dandruff shampoo from OUAI. Formulated with Salicylic Acid to combat flakes and propanediol caprylate to soothe irritated scalps, this shampoo is the perfect solution for those who struggle with dandruff. They claim that in a clinical study of 25 participants after 28 days of use, 100% of participants agreed that this shampoo was effective in reducing flaking, itching, and irritation. To use, simply wet hair, lather up, leave-on for 5 minutes, and rinse clean. The brand prides itself on putting in the good stuff and leaving out the bad stuff without ever sacrificing quality. Plus, OUAI offers luxury products at affordable prices that are user-friendly, making them accessible to everyone.


There you have it - our list of the best hair products for men! Whether you are looking for a styling product or a shampoo, we tried to make a good list that will aid you in your search. We hope this list has provided you with enough information to make an informed decision on your next hair purchase. Happy styling!